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My experience has shown me that business is personal. That business is creative. And that a real, authentic, human connection is what separates the good from the great. Whether you’ve been in established for years or just starting out, I’m here to help by combining business with a creative approach.

I help transform businesses into brands and digital platforms

I love partnering with passionate people and brands dedicated to achieving the greatest heights.

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Building Businesses and Brands

- Since 2011 -

I'm Dayna

founder and creative producer

If you like classic and contemporary design, business and technology, I’m your person

I've been working with businesses for over a decade. With formal training in corporate finance & investment banking. I've taken that experience to the creative space.

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Meaningful relationships are built on trust and shared values.

Kind Words

“I was seeking a way to look professional online without having to learn how to do it myself. Working with Teakie has been an absolute pleasure — they’re responsive, professional, creative, and have an amazing understanding of my needs and personality; they just get it.”.

Danielle Silverman

Montreal, Quebec

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