Welcome to a New Era of Teakie

After nearly 7 years, we’re taking our learnings to another level.

The future is bright — the world is your oyster — and no matter how hard things get — staying focused matters more than ever.

Work is so central to our lives. It’s our way of contributing to the world in ways big and small. I began this platform nearly 7 years ago now to empower people to do what they love. Today, the mission remains the same.

When I first began on this journey nearly seven years ago, I dove in head first, said yes to everything, and it took up all of my time. An incredible learning experience that I’m now honing in, and one I’m looking forward to bringing to the world in bigger and better ways.

I learned how to build a website. How to build a brand. How to use social. And how all of this contributes to business success. Before I knew it, I was helping build businesses. That went far beyond “websites”, “branding” or “content.”

It went straight to the heart of business strategy. Helping to organize them, structure them, position them. Only then could we begin to develop a brand, a marketing strategy, an online platform. One that builds the business and creates long-term value for all involved.

And through it all, I discovered my life’s purpose: To Create.

Today, I’m thankful to be able to do this. Today, I help build businesses. My mission is to create useful and beautiful products and services that help solve problems and make people’s lives better.

My skillset has grown, and I’m finally at a place where I know exactly what I bring to the table. I combine business strategy with creative vision, and help create long-term value for my clients. 

To help businesses win, and in turn, help make people’s lives better.